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Fertilzer Additives

PureOX ® Iron Oxide

PureOX® is a natural source of iron for fertilizer, feed, dietary supplements, and colorants.

Alkaline soils make iron and other micronutrients unavailable to plants. Chlorosis is the yellowing of leaf tissue due to a lack of chlorophyll. Chlorosis in the younger leaves of a plant characterizes an iron deficiency. The tissue between the veins gradually turns yellow, while the veins tend to stay green. The tips and margins of some leaves may turn brown and become dry and brittle.

Leaf health diagram.

Iron Deficiency in Plants

Iron deficiency in plants visual

Symptoms of iron deficiency chlorosis

Animal Feed Additives

PureOX ® Iron Oxide

Iron deficiency is the most common deficiency seen in dogs and piglets, but occurs less commonly in horses, cats, and ruminants. Iron deficiency can be nutritional in origin, but most commonly occurs due to blood loss. Young animals have minimal iron stores, and milk contains very little iron. This can be especially important for piglets that grow rapidly and are often raised indoors with no access to iron. Oral iron supplementation is indicated as treatment for iron deficiency; any source of blood loss must be eliminated.PureOX® is an ideal source of iron for fertilizer, feed, dietary supplements, and colorants.


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