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SphereOX No-Coat Sand Additive® combines the defect fighting  benefits of SphereOX Foundry Sand Additive® and protective benefits of the strongest ceramics to produce the highest quality finish.

SphereOX No-Coat has specific thermal advantages to provide surface finish better than any other sand additives. Interestingly, castings made with SphereOX No-Coat can have better surface finish than castings made with core/mold coatings.

“SphereOX No-Coat Makes Perfect Castings”

When molten metal interacts with silica sand, the reaction can be destructive. Silica sand will expand and then contract while the molten metal is physically forced through the sand grains, due to head pressures. When SphereOx No-Coat is added to the silica sand, the expansion of the silica is negated, and at the same time, nano-particles bind to form a coating-like barrier within the sand. This barrier helps to prevent penetration and burn-in defects.

The economics of SphereOX No-Coat are obvious:

  • ELIMINATES Coating Cost And Drying Time.
  • REDUCES Grinding And Welding Cost.
  • MINIMIZE Labor Cost.
  • LOWER Resin Levels By 5-10%.
  • EXCELLENT Chill And Refractory Properties.
SphereOx particle magnification

Typical Physical & Chemial Properties

ASTM E-11 Cum Weight Percentage Retained
40 0-5
70 15 MAX
100  5-25
270 70
AFS 140-185

Supporting PDFs

Product Data Sheet


Typical Analysis:

Element                                Weight %
FeO, Fe3O4, Fe2O3            50-95
Proprietary Ceramics         10-40
Ti                                           1-12
Li                                           <1


Grayish Black


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